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L’Octopus Silver

Designed and made in Belgium, the L’Octopus is a hard hitting Mechanical Squonker of a super lightweight and compact design. Occupying a much desired part of the market whereby mass producing companies have yet to make any real impact, Octopus Mods have produced a little gem which happens to be one of the more easily acquired squonkers.


  • Made from high impact polystrene (stronger than delrin)
  • Contacts made from 9g pure silver (removable for maintenance)
  • Fat Daddy Vapes V3 Low Pro Bottom Feed 510 connector (self adjusting spring loaded & removable for maintenance)
  • Removable door (many purchasable variants)
  • Removable button (many purchasable variants)
  • Battery configuration: single 18650
  • Serialised


  • Height: 76mm
  • Width: 45mm
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Weight: 44g

What’s in the box?

  • L’Octopus Squonker Mod
  • 1 x 6ml Square Sushi squeeze bottle + hose
  • Authenticity Card

Who is it for?

If you own any atties with a bottom feeder pin, I highly recommend getting a squonker. If you don’t have any bottom feeding atties, get one and then get a squonker!

On a serious note, if you are in the market for a mechanical squonker then the L’Octopus is probably one of the more easily obtainable. Purchasable via several vendors it means you don’t need Facebook vouches, join closed/invite only groups, participate in randomiser events or be monitoring aforementioned groups to reserve one of a limited batch release. Furthermore, the L’Octopus has so many colour variants you really can customise the mod to your liking with purchasable extras such as doors and buttons.

A squonker can also help turn your favorite bottom feeding compatible RDA into a practical daily runner. With juice on demand, it takes away the necessity to drip every time you wish to vape. Being a mech however, spare batteries should be considered if carrying around as a daily. Most importantly, being a mech and requiring bottom feeding compatible RBAs this will be for the intermediate to advanced user with knowledge of ohm’s law, watts law and battery safety.

Quality & Design

Simple, clean, lightweight and compact design. When I received my vape mail containing the L’Octopus, my first thoughts were; “WOW! that’s super small and super light!”.

Depending on the weight preference you have for your mods, you either see the L’Octopus as a light, cheap plastic box or a pocket friendly, highly durable squonker. It is 3D printed at the end of the day, but it is of a high resolution combined with durable material. Feels great to hold and the size & weight make it a very practical mod to use and carry.

The main body comes in a variety of colours with a choice of high impact polystyrene, stab wood, resin or wood finishes. Likewise, the buttons and doors also come in variety of colours and materials making for many customisable looks.

Internally, you will find a thermo sheath on the solid silver contact to protect the bottle, a feature not seen from many of its competitors. This doubles up as protection from a stainless steel button and/or bottle caps if you so desire to customise your mod with..


With 9g of solid silver used to conduct the current of the battery to atomiser, Octopus Mods certainly haven’t held back in producing a recipe for a high performing mod. When put into practice, it duly delivers and hits like a truck (and not in a painful way!).

If you’re a keen user of tube Mechanical Mods, you may find from use that they can have a tendency to get warm (especially if chain vaping). This is quite obviously felt in the hand. I chain vape the L’Octopus all the time and have never found it to get warm on any occasion, maintaining it’s comfortability to hold and use.


At £135, already the cheapest option from the range, the L’Octopus is expensive for what quite literally is a plastic box. The thing is, the squonker hype remains. With the limited availability of mods on the market (most notably from the bigger companies), the price for many of the like is at a premium (demand over supply).

Technically they’re all the same, especially design and features. A majority (currently) being 3D printed mods with differing 510 connectors, contact material and design. So what makes the L’Octopus special over the others? To be honest. Nothing really. If you were to compare a like for like squonker (which there are several) using a similar (if not better) 510 centre pin plus solid silver contacts then the only deciding factor really is the look of it. Yes, you know what I’m about to say. Subjective – What may be one person’s perception of beauty may be another’s beast.

Let’s not take anything away from the L’Octopus here. It really is a hard hitting little thing and I love the compact, lightweight design. I also love the customisable options that are available. You will also find that many similar squonkers priced similarly may not necessarily come with silver contacts making the L’Octopus a near complete package for the money.

If you’re able to accept that the cost of a 3D printed mechanical squonker is going to be in a similar price bracket, then the L’Octopus is certainly worth considering. If you like the look of it, then there really isn’t much else that will differ from another squonker. The choice of materials is already well thought out and the option to customise to your liking means you can switch parts in and out if you ever get bored, or if you just want to match with your BF atty.



Octopus Mods L'Octopus Silver

Octopus Mods L'Octopus Silver





      Button Feel


        Size & Weight




            Ease of Use


              Fit & Finish









                      • Extremely lightweight and compact design
                      • Several colour options
                      • Many customisable accessory options (button & door)
                      • Hard hitting
                      • Component fitment is nice and snug
                      • Solid silver contact
                      • Thermo sheath to Silver contact for bottle protection
                      • Removable internals for easy cleaning & maintenance


                      • Lightweight plastic could be seen as cheap feeling
                      • No button lock feature
                      • Slightest overhang when using 24mm atties
                      • Expensive
                      • Battery contacts can catch battery wraps if not careful

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