The Team

Who we are?

A group of 4 friends, all ex-smokers, who managed to kick in the habit via means of vaping. What started out to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes as well as an opportunity to quit cigarettes altogether, vaping has since become a big part of all of our lives. Now all enthusiasts of the industry, it has transitioned to more of a hobbyist lifestyle, an addiction (and I’m not talking about the nicotine!).

What we do?

Combining our nerdy and addictive nature, we all indulge ourselves into the industry in some way shape or form. Be it to search for that item to better our current growing arsenal, to purchase because it’s just simply pretty or to extend our vaping experience, we just loving purchasing that next new piece of gear – and hell, it feels good when it arrives in the post… VAPE MAIL!

As with many products, not just vaping, many consumers rely on professional and/or public reviews to aid their decision on which product to eventually purchase. The Vapare team aim to provide you with honest thoughts and opinions on vaping gear which could hopefully help you decide which is best for you as well as potentially saving you from buying something that just isn’t for you.

We also understand that every vaper is different. What suits your taste may not suit mine and vice versa. As such we hope that the diversity of our vaping needs collectively, help to offer impartial advice and reviews on each product we manage to get our hands on.

Meet the team members and learn their vaping styles:


NN Smoking I’ve always been the person who said to people “smoking is bad for you”. That soon changed, I was a relatively late starter to smoking, I started in my early 20’s the main reason I started smoking was as major changes in my life and I wasn’t taking it very well. I realising soon after that smoking opened up a new social circle. When they smoke, you smoke and before you know it you are a...


R. For years I’ve been looking to kick the habit of smoking, and I’ve tried all the available aids to help stop. Patches, mints, chewing gum, spray’s, weird asthma pump looking like things… ultimately all the aids couldn’t kick the habit. Boiling down to one explanation, I have no will power. Being surrounded in social circle where everyone smokes doesn’t make i...


E.N A smoker for 18 years, I had attempted to quit on a couple occasions with the longest stint lasting only 2-3 months going cold turkey (not easy and obviously not effective in my case). Smoking around 10-15 a day (the most being 30 at one point) I found it extremely difficult to quit, especially on occasions when I would have a drink, after a meal, having a coffee (you know what I mean). Since ...

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