I’ve always been the person who said to people “smoking is bad for you”.

That soon changed, I was a relatively late starter to smoking, I started in my early 20’s the main reason I started smoking was as major changes in my life and I wasn’t taking it very well.

I realising soon after that smoking opened up a new social circle. When they smoke, you smoke and before you know it you are also one of those chain smokers. On average I would smoke between 8-12 a day. But go on holiday or allow me to smoke indoors and that quickly became 20 – 40 a day.

Like most smokers I’ve tried to quit a number of times with no luck. The longest I’ve been without a cigarette for previously was about 4 month, 2 weeks, 2 days 17 hours and 36 minutes… but who is counting hey!

Vaping… The beginning

I first started vaping on the rechargeable ecigs that looks like normal cigarettes but with a glowing light on the end to look like you are smoking when you’re not. I then moved onto disposable ecigs, then vape pens, then to first generation atomisers and mods with built in batteries. Without having much love for these I quickly went back to smoking or doing both.

When this newer generation of vaping started to become more and more popular a couple of my friends had already converted and swore that it had now changed. They tried their best to entice me by explaining that Vaping is no longer an orange LED’s at the end of a heavy metal stick made to look like a cigarette. It has flavour! It has clouds! It has technology! It has maths! It can also be customised to how you like to vape.

I still wasn’t convinced. R was the first of us to start vaping, shortly followed by EN. I still wasn’t convince after trying their gear. Then one day EN turns up on my door step and decides to build on his Smok TFV4 RBA. Taking me through each step of what he is doing and spending 20 minutes making sure the spacing of his coils are perfect and it burnt evenly. Then a further 15 minutes prepping cotton, fluffing it and then looking at the finished wick with a rather chuffed look on his face whilst asking me to LOOK AT IT, LOOK HOW PRETTY THAT IS! I couldn’t help but get slightly intrigued on what could possibly have these friends of mine so engulfed.

Shortly after I decided to give it a try myself and before I knew it I wanted to vape much more than I wanted to smoke. Although the dull, cold, wet English weather did do its part in helping as I don’t smoke in the house but I would happily vape at home.

So what type of vaper am I today?

  • Cloud vs Flavour – 88.3% Flavour Chaser. Although I do like a good cloud.
  • Preferred Flavours – Fruits (Part of my 5 a day) / Sweets (childhood memories)
  • Disliked Flavours – Creamy vapes
  • All Day Vape – Far by Elements Grape / Twelve Monkeys O-RangZ
  • Nicotine Level – 3mg
  • Preferred Draw – Direct To Lung (DTL) / Medium Airflow

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