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A collaboration between District F5ve and Mystery Mod Co (designer of the π2 RDA), the CSMNT has received much hype and not without reason. Prior to the CSMNT release, coil porn artisans would typically use the original Goon 24mm to show off their builds due to the deck layout. Move aside Goon, the CSMNT is a contender and one that has the credentials to be champ!


  • Single or Dual Coil RDA
  • Matte black or Stainless steel finish
  • Postless deck
  • 4mm lead inserts
  • 24k gold plated deck
  • 24k gold plated copper 510 pin
  • Adjustable Dual or Single side airflow
  • Serialised


  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Height including drip tip:
  • Height not including drip tip:
  • Weight:

What’s in the box?

  • CSMNT RDA (Deck, barrel, AFC top cap)
  • Delrin Wide Bore Drip Tip (Matte black version) / Ultem Wide Bore Drip Tip (SS version)
  • Spare O-rings, grub screws

Who is it for?

As with most, if not all rebuildables, we would always suggest intermediate to advanced users.

If you enjoy building exotic coils and/or like taking coil porn shots you really need to consider this beast! We are provided with a build deck that has endless options and more than ample space to place whatever build your heart desires.

So is that what it is? A coil artisan’s plaything? Not at all! It certainly performs well in all categories.

Quality & Design

The build quality is excellent. The whole atty feels solid and has a nice premium feel to it. Then we strip it down to the build deck, oh my goodness…. The build deck, it is simply a beaut! First of all it’s a 24k gold plated, postless deck, providing four lead inserts of 4mm each.

This leads to the buildability of the deck. Whilst easy to throw in any build of any size, a twist of your coil leads (not applicable for round wire builds but more so for coils with a flatter surface area) is required so that the grub screws tighten down on the flat side of the coil and not at a 90 degree angle. This is a personal thing as I feel it avoids crushing your coil leads and by all means far from difficult to do with the using of pliers or ceramic clamp tweezers – just worth mentioning. In addition, the coil lead lengths need to be cut to size before tightening into position – something you get a feel for and used to after playing around with it.

On initial inspection, one could be forgiven for thinking that there is no where for the juice to sit as the deck appears to be almost flat. However, this is where the chamber comes into play and doubles up as the reservoir for juice – and for a dripper it holds plenty.

One design feature that I appreciate is the slight gap between the chamber and top cap / heat fin which provides a heat dissipation function minimising heat transfer from the atty to your lips.


When it comes to airflow, wide open gives an airy draw and hence I like to close mine down to about ¼ to ⅓ open. This also enhances the flavour production in my opinion and gives me the restrictive draw that I prefer.

Whilst I do not advocate building to the resistance I am about to mention, I am completely enjoying the setup I have with it. Ohming at 0.1ohms, I have a dual coil fused clapton build 26AWG Hotwire Competition Wire / 40AWG Ni80 over a 3mm ID, 5 wraps. Combined with my SOI SubZero Mech, vaping with short pulses, it gives intense flavour with warm, dense clouds (lots of them too) – very satisfying I must say.   


The CSMNT is my current favourite RDA so yeh, I will be biased but again, it’s not without reason. It’s not perfect by all means, but the pros far outweigh the cons in my eyes and I simply cannot put this thing down.

It’s right up there in the flavour department and boy can it chuck clouds too. If you’re into building your own coils or love your big exotic coils, you will simply love building on the CSMNT. Priced at £60 – 65, I personally think it is reasonable for what you get. The build quality is excellent and it certainly performs and albeit subjective, I think it looks great and sits lovely on top of many mods.

Get one, what are you waiting for!?



District F5ve CSMNT

District F5ve CSMNT

Flavour Production


    Vapour Production




        Ease of Build


          Ease of Use


            Fit & Finish




                Juice Capacity







                      • Spacious build deck
                      • Heat dissipation design to top cap
                      • Very good juice capacity for a dripper
                      • Endless coil build possibilities
                      • Chunky grub screws for easy coil lead tightening


                      • Chamber can easily pry loose once O-rings are lubed and placed in pocket or nudged
                      • Wick is easily disturbed if chamber is accidentally moved
                      • Coil leads need adjusting and cut to size before tightening down

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