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Up for review today is the WISMEC Reuleaux RX200, designed by JayBo. Off the back of their Reuleaux DNA, WISMEC brought to market a more affordably regulated mod which still offered bang for your buck. Lets get this out of the way first, this thing isn’t small – it’s not big compared to some mods but this thing holds three batteries which makes it quite weighty. Saying that though its hard not to be impressed with what this thing can do!

UPDATE: Since I first wrote this I’ve delved into other larger mods and, hand on heart, I no longer think this is as big and weighty as when I first started using it. There are bigger and heavier ones out there which do not offer what the WISMEC Reuleaux gives. Also worth mentioning that on their last upgrade you can now fire thing to 250 watts! Not bad, although, battery life does drop quite a bit at that level!



  • Size: 50mm x 40mm x 84mm
  • Thread Type: 510 Thread
  • Batteries required: Three 18650 batteries (discharge above 25A) – and they need to be “married” (more on this later)
  • Output Mode: Variable Wattage (VW) / Temp Control for Ni; Ti; SS
  • Output Wattage: 1-200 watts
  • Temperature Range: 100-315°C / 200-600°F
  • Coil Resistance Range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS mode / 0.1-3.5ohm for VW mode
  • 0.69 inch OLED screen (there is an RX200S which has a larger screen)
  • Up-gradable firmware


Whats In The Box?

  • 1x WISMEC Reuleaux RX200
  • 1x USB Cable

Please note no batteries are included



Who Is It For?

This thing isn’t small in the traditional sense of the word. If you like compact, fit in your pocket without dragging you down than this is not for you (three batteries!), however, if you want something which will last days, want something well priced which will allow you to hit 200 watts, is reliable and can potentially be used as a deadly weapon (three batteries people… three!) than this could be for you.

Before trying the tank I never would have put this on my buy list. I was a vaper who liked small and compact. The idea of carrying around something like the Reuleaux RX200 was something I refused to do but this is mod which gives you everything. And I’ll tell you this, for the battery life alone I would pick this one. For someone who vapes at 30 watts than this is overkill and will not offer much benefit apart from not needing to change the batteries for weeks but vaping anything over 50 watts is where this thing rocks (and I haven’t even spoken about anything else other than battery life yet!). Anyone vaping over 50 watts will have that same moment where they look at their battery gauge and see theres a decent amount left, only to fire that button and find the “low battery” sign flash and a dull vape come through – I’ve been there. It sucks. Knowing that theres still life left in there and you cant get any out. Frustrating! You wont have the same problem with this.

There are many great features other than battery life for this but in regards to who its for, if you like small and compact, walk away, everyone else, keep reading….


Design & Quality


The Reuleaux RX200 takes it’s shape from the Reuleaux DNA200. It has been designed to sit very well in the hand and, along with the different styles, the mod looks slick. It’s the shape and the feel which actually doesn’t make the mod seem as cumbersome as it could have done if it was a box shape. The mod also feels very sturdy, I’ve dropped mine a few times now and I think I’ve done more damage to my floor than I’ve done to the mod. For the price point you honestly believe you are getting something amazing. Very impressed.

The buttons are also well placed and, unlike others in this price bracket, the fire button has always fired for me, each and every time. The amount of mods I own which has failed to fire on the odd press is something I’ve come to accept but not with the Reuleaux RX200, you press and it fires, every time.

For smaller hands you might have an issue with this but otherwise, quality and design gets a massive thumbs up.



This is the selling point for this mod, performance. You’re getting a 200 watt mod which will last the distance. The steady fire power of this thing is impressive. In both VW and Temp Control (I used SS exclusively for testing – I’m a VW person at heart and was able to switch to VW using SS!) the mod performed better than I had thought. There’s a reason why you see these being used at Vape shows by sellers, it lasts all day and gives you a consistent hit.

I’ve vaped RDA’s, RDTA’s and RTA tanks on this mod, each and everyone has performed well. Given the size it also means that it can fit any tank on it with no difficulties (although I have to say 22mm tanks look TINY on these things!).

The Reuleaux RX200 also offers firmware upgrades which gives you a little more bang for your buck,a s they can improve they will. This is something I admire with WISMEC, they dont throw a product to market and then forget about it, another plus for me.



Battery wise, one thing you have to take into account is that the batteries need to be “married”. Simply put all batteries used need to be charged at exactly the same level. If you put in two fresh batteries and one old one the battery level will show low. All three need to be at the same level. This can be annoying sometimes if you’ve only got two batteries charged or if one of your mates asks if they could use one of your batteries because theirs have died and you then have to go on and explain about why you wont give them on of yours (first hand experience here folks!). This though is a small price to pay for such a great mod.


Final Thoughts

I cannot praise this mod enough and I continue to use it on a regular basis. I initially wanted the DNA200 but no longer. I’m not in need to the extras the DNA200 gives over the Reuleaux RX200. All I ask from a mod is reliability, consistency and duration (the same thing the misses says she wishes from me…!) and the Reuleaux RX200 gives it, every time. Yes its big, yes its heavy, but this mod can be your go to. From testing new tanks to just being lazy and sitting on the sofa all day. It lasts long, it fires every time and it give you the same power from start to finish.



  • Long battery life
  • Consistent power
  • 200 watt mod for a good price
  • Good design, fits well in the hand
  • Will tackle anything you can throw at it
  • Can take most coil types
  • USB charging



  • Its not light (did I mention that already?)
  • After substantial use the paint has begun to come off on the edge and bottom


Wismec Reuleaux RX 200W

Wismec Reuleaux RX 200W



    Battery Life




        Value for Money





            • Long battery life
            • Design
            • Features
            • Value for money


            • Weight
            • Paint flaking over time

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