Geekvape Avocado 22 & Avocado 22 Limited Edition Best Build

Best Builds

This bad boy of tank is a beast when it comes to flavour – if done right. The wrong build can lead to mediocre flavour and multiple dry hits. I’ve spent months using the Geekvape Avocado 22 (and now the Geekvape Avocado 22 Limited Edition) and this best build is my personal favorite. It’s a single coil build which I would normally vape at around 61watts.

Whats I use

  • Geekvape Avocado 22 / Geekvape Avocado 22 Limited Edition
  • Alien Wire 0.3*0.8+32GA
  • Cotton Bacon V2
  • Coilmaster DIY Kit

The Build

  1. Cut about 10cm of alien wire using the wire cutter from the kit
  2. Using the 2.5mm coilmaster tool, insert the alien wire into the hole and wrap 5 times, leaving spaces with each wrap (counting from the opposite view of where the wire is held)
  3. insert the coil (still in the tool) into the velocity deck
  4. tighten each side individually and make sure the coil doesn’t twist
  5. Using the tweezers adjust the coild to make it look clean and evenly spread. Snip off any excess wire.  Fire the mod to make sure its a even orange glow all the way around (and not touching anything it shouldn’t!)
  6. take some of the cotton bacon and roll til tight
  7. Insert the cotton into the coil. You should feel some slight resistance but should be able to move the cotton from left to right
  8. Cut off the excess, leaving about 1cm on either side from the coil. Fluff – always fluff
  9. Add some of your juice to moisten the tips and insert into the cotton holes – the cotton should fit just inside the holes, about 3,4 mm inside. Make sure there is a little space in the wick hole
  10. Juice the rest of the cotton, pop in the ceramic block on the other side and vape!

I’ve found that single coil builds are the best for the Avocado as you end up getting better flavour. This doesn’t work so well as a mech as the end ohm should read about 0.36-0.37. As it is a genesis tank you will need to tilt the tank as you vape as that is how it rewicks. Make sure the coil is facing TOWARDS YOU as you vape to make sure it always stays wet.

Found a better build? Found a great dual coil build? Leave a note in the comments and you never know, it could be featured as a best build

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