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Well the Hadaly, by Psyclone Mods, needs little to no introduction here. The hype truly is real for this little atty.

For those new to the vaping scene or to the Hadaly itself, it is a RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser – and a low profile one at that) thus requiring one to build their own coils as well is wick it themselves. As such, it is best advised for the intermediate to advanced vapers out there.

Similarly designed and performing RDA’s have proven to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get hold of via special group invites or due to limited quantity which in turn means paying a premium. This is what makes the Hadaly a great candidate to satisfy your flavour fix amongst your vape gear. It’s widely available (even in the UK), priced cheaper than the elite RDA’s that are similar, but most importantly it’s simply brilliant!

Why? Read on. On the fence for whatever reason? Maybe we can help you decide.


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Peek insulators
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Meticulously engineered to deliver airflow properly to the underside of the coils at 4 different points and angles, with proven Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Innovative two post styled deck
  • Psyclone’s new coil clamping system (CCS) for effortless coil installation
  • CCS providing great connection for wattage and TC modes
  • Large flat head clamping screws
  • Serialised
  • Additional accessories available to purchase separately (top caps / drip tips / one piece drip tip & top cap in ultem, clear acrylic or delrin)


  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height including drip tip:
  • Height not including drip tip:
  • Weight:

What’s in the Box?

  • Hadaly RDA
  • Black Delrin drip tip
  • Bottom feeder 510 pin
  • Spare O-rings, post screws, and clamp

Who is it for?

Shall I begin with whom I feel it ISN’T for?

Do you exclusively use dual coil setups? – Not for you, the Hadaly is an exclusive single coil setup. With that being said, the single coil setup is in no way detrimental to its performance and this will boil down to being a preference thing.

Do you hate dripping all the time? – Not for you (well it is a dripper after all), the juice well (if you can call it that) once wicked is pretty much non-existent and will require you to drip frequently. I’d say you would get around 8-12 draws before having to re-drip (based on personal vaping habits, taking approximately 3 second draws each time)

Are you an exclusive MTL vaper? – Not for you, whilst you can achieve a nice restrictive to tight direct lung hit (my personal preference), you cannot enter the realms of mouth to lung vaping with this atty unfortunately.

100% Cloud chaser? – Not for you, the Hadaly produces good clouds (and of course other factors which contribute to clouds are the type of juice and build you opt for) for the flavour production it is designed around, but you certainly won’t be winning cloud comps with it.

OK!? So who IS it for?

So you’re in the market for a dripper, new to rebuildables, but at least have some experience with building your own coils? The Hadaly is a doddle to build on and could just be for you. You don’t have to be a coil artisan or surgeon to build on the deck; it truly is well designed for ease of build in mind. You will get used to the deck and building on it VERY quickly.

Looking for an exclusive single coil setup? This is one of the best available on the market as it truly performs, which brings me onto the obvious – the Flavour Chasers! (Yeh, this IS certainly for you!)

Quality & Design

Now, when I first purchased the Hadaly I had a slight problem with clamping down my coil lead onto the positive post. Two builds in and it wasn’t clamping down at all – the screw simply kept spinning. I tried everything from switching out the screws with the provided spares, switching the clamps around etc. The problem appeared to be with the post itself. I then gave up, put it aside and contacted Psyclone Mods directly as well as the vendor I had purchased from and the UK distributor. Psyclone Mods quickly replied and promptly solved the problem (in fact all parties contacted were extremely helpful) – It appeared that the issue I was having was not a common fault by all means, but they have heard of a minimal number of atties having the same problem. I was then immediately shipped out a spare part via the UK distributor (I was lucky enough that the post I was having problems with was removable) which solved the problem completely. This is where I would like to get to my point. The quality of the product itself is good, and with an RRP of £75 you’d expect so. Additionally, however, you get customer service and support if required – something hard to come by with many companies nowadays, not just in the vaping world.

Whilst mentioning the drip tip above, I would like to expand and mention that the provided delrin drip tip is comfortable to use. I decided to purchase the ultem drip tip along with delrin top cap for aesthetic reasons as well as an attempt to reduce the heat transfer. The inner diameter I feel is just right providing a suitable draw for the flavour production the RDA is designed for. You are also able to fit your own 510 drip tips on, but finding one with the correct outer diameter for it to fit flush with the Hadaly may be slightly more difficult. Personally I feel that the stock one is perfectly fine.


Having ran several different builds in the Hadaly, I have found that it performs well in the flavour department with each (some better than others). The hunt for the right build continued however as I had found that some of the builds produced unbearable heat transfer to the lips despite the flavour production. This made vaping on the atty undesirable and as such I would swap out the coil after not too long. At the moment I am pretty settled on a Fused Clapton 28GA Kanthal A1 / 38GA ni80 over a 3mm ID reading at 0.35ohms, running on my Asmodus Minikin V2: Curve Mode 75w @0.3secs down to 48w. The flavour pops really well and I tend to re-wick after 4-5 days (evening vaping only).

Additional to the build, coil positioning is key. I like to place mine as low down as possible with the leads being on the upper side, allowing the coil to be positioned lower towards the base of the deck and close to the airflow (ideally with the holes in line with the bottom of the coil). This, I feel enhances flavour as well as aid the cooling of the coil ensuring that less heat is transferred to the atty and your lips (not ideal or comfortable).

When it comes to dripping on the Hadaly, you really have to be careful not to over drip. I prefer to take the top cap off and “paint” the coil and wick, though it is possible to drip through the drip tip if using unicorn tips or similar. It doesn’t hold much juice, especially after wicking and so it becomes very easy to be over zealous with the juice. This eventually results in leaking through the air flow holes and ultimately your mod, and creates gargling and spit back when vaping. Get the dripping amount right and you get a very satisfying and flavourful vape.

Constant dripping required. Now this is something I thought is worth mentioning but not necessarily something I consider a con for the atty itself as it is something you would come to expect from a low profile RDA, if you decide to buy one. The Hadaly is designed to take you to flavour heaven not to provide you a tank load of juice, so this would be a decision for you to make and live with.

Airflow is right up my street. Wide open is not too airy and I would certainly label it as a restrictive lung hit, but I like to close it down half way reducing the airflow to a nice tight direct lung vape. For me this is where the RDA truly hits it sweet spot in terms of flavour, but of course this is subjective to personal preference.


I personally love this RDA and in my opinion it’s one that should be part of every enthusiast’s armoury – you will not regret it. Granted, it’s not my daily go to, simply due to the fact that work entails me to be on the road a lot meaning that the Hadaly is not practical for me to use on a daily basis.

At a RRP of £75 the Hadaly does not come cheap (accessories are also at an extra cost but do offer form, albeit subjective, as well as function), but as with many things with vaping, price is subjective. Whether or not the atty is worth the price simply comes down to how much one is willing to spend on vape gear and at what premium do they put on a well-made, excellent performing dripper.

Psyclone Mods Hadaly

Psyclone Mods Hadaly

Flavour Production


    Vapour Production




        Ease of Build


          Ease of Use


            Fit & Finish




                Juice Capacity







                      • Simple yet effective design
                      • Very easy to build on
                      • Squonking pin provided
                      • Very good fit & finish
                      • Excellent customer service and Support (Psyclone Mods)
                      • Widely available
                      • Multiple additional accessories


                      • Heat transfer to lips can be unbearable
                      • Can get very expensive if purchasing with accessories
                      • Constant dripping required

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