Mechanical Mod Safety Resistance Chart


The continuous discharge rating of most 18650 batteries is 20 amps. Please check your battery’s amp rating before referring to the below chart. If resistance is too low, amperage will become dangerously high which could cause your battery to vent or worse.


Mechanical Mod Safety Resistance Chart


Dual Battery Parallel

(4.2 volts fully charged)

Single Battery

(4.2 volts fully charged)

Dual Battery Series

(8.4 volts fully charged)


2.1 amps 4.2 amps 8.4 amps


2.625 amps 5.25 amps

10.5 amps

0.6 3.5 amps 7 amps

14 amps


5.25 amps 10.5 amps 21 amps
0.3 7 amps 14 amps

28 amps


10.5 amps 21 amps 42 amps
0.1 21 amps 42 amps

84 amps


26.25 amps 52.5 amps

105 amps



For in depth battery testing and recommendations, we would highly advise referring to Mooch (a well known battery advocate within the vaping world):



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