A smoker for 18 years, I had attempted to quit on a couple occasions with the longest stint lasting only 2-3 months going cold turkey (not easy and obviously not effective in my case). Smoking around 10-15 a day (the most being 30 at one point) I found it extremely difficult to quit, especially on occasions when I would have a drink, after a meal, having a coffee (you know what I mean).

Since even before the birth of my precious daughter I had told myself and close friends that I wanted to quit for good. I was already feeling the negatives of being a smoker and a few months prior to vaping, I had started getting tight chest pains and occasional wheezing when breathing. Added to this, a close friend (also a smoker) had a heart attack scare which then prompted me to think to myself “right, enough is enough, I need to quit now!”

Luckily for me, another close friend of mine (R. another Vapare team member) had already been vaping for some time, kicking in the dirty habit some few years prior to me. I was oblivious to the type and number of vape products available to me and certainly didn’t know where to begin.

How I started?

With my only experience of “vaping” being cigalikes/ecigs (you know, the cigarette looking devices) which I did not enjoy whatsoever, I had naively thought that all vaping was the same thing. That’s where R. had broadened my horizons to what vaping was all about and introduced me to products that he had owned at that time. After giving the gear a test run and deciding that I had quite liked it, I simply purchased the same things to get me started.

I started off with the Wismec Reuleux RX75 combined with Smok TFV4 Micro and shortly afterwards had added to this a Wismec Reuleux RX2/3 and Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast using TFV8 coils.

So what type of vaper am I today?

  • Cloud vs Flavour – Flavour chaser
  • Preferred Flavours – Fruity, sweet, sour
  • Disliked Flavours – Creamy
  • All Day Vape – Far Grape Vape
  • Daily Juice Consumption – 6ml to 10ml
  • Nicotine Level – 3mg
  • Preferred Draw – DTL; restricted


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