The Beginner Series – Part 4 – Juice & Nicotine


The most subjective element in vaping. One thing that I’ve found to be a common, but not exclusive, is that new vapers always want a tobacco flavour vape but within a couple of days they’ve switched to a fruity more shisha like flavour. That’s probably because smokers want to smoke. Until they’ve quit, and not had a cigarette for a least 2-3 days, they can’t smell the difference.

Reading descriptions on websites and even watching reviews for juices can’t be 100% relied on. Everyone’s taste is different so it’s impossible to know what you’ll like until you’ve tried it. Something else to bare in mind is the same juice will perform differently in different gear. The same juice in an RDA vs an RTA can be different. I’ve had instances where I’ve loved the taste in an RDA and when using the same juice in an RTA, it put me off vaping it.

The only recommendation here is to go to a vape shop and try before you buy. Yes it may still perform different once you’ve applied it in your gear but it’s still better than read a description or just smelling a juice.


That tingling, harsh hit that is feeding your addiction depends on the level in your juice. Measured in milligrams (MG), you can find juice from 0mg through to levels as high as 24mg+. Consider a pack of Marlboro Lights is roughly 14mg for the pack for comparison. The highest nicotine I’ve ever vaped at was 11mg and that felt too strong, these days I vape at 3mg.

I am not doctor and information about nicotine can be found by internet searches from medical bodies like Public Health England. Nicotine is an addictive substance like caffeine, that’s not to say it’s not harmful. Both of addictive substances and when consumed in large quantities are harmful. If you’ve ever smoked too much or taken a nicotine patch at too high of a level you’ll know that sick feeling. What makes vaping different from smoking a cigarette is the lack of Tar and other chemically created carcinogens.  

Most shops will have testers at 3mg, if you can wean off nicotine completely then that’s all the better but again, the subjective nature of vape means it’s up to you.

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