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Petri Lite V2

Dotmod, some may consider the Apple of the vape world. Some may have indifferences due to nature of their previous internal affairs leading to the way they have the company currently set up and ultimately shifting the manufacturing of their products to China. But we’re not here to talk about how the company, or any company for that matter, is run or where their products are manufactured. We’re here to talk about one of their many desirable products, a mechanical mod and more specifically the Petri Lite V2.


  • Hard hitting innovative naval brass anodised aluminium composite button design
  • Precision anodised aluminium tube and body
  • 24k gold plated threading and accents
  • 24k gold plated copper contacts
  • Hybrid connection
  • Fully masked internals (no cleaning ever)
  • Precision micro-engravings
  • Several colourways available
  • Serilaised
  • Battery Configuration: single 18650


  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height:
  • Weight:

What’s in the box?

  • Petri Lite V2 Mech Mod (main body, button casing +button, top cap)
  • 1 x DotMod brass drip tip
  • 1 x original petri spring (light throw)
  • 1 x super heavy silver plated beryllium copper spring
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • 1 x mini allen key for button assembly

Who is it for?

For starters, it is always advised that mech mods should be used by advanced users only. This is not a “no noobs allowed’ dig at anyone, but merely for the safety of beginner/novice users until a basic knowledge and grasp of the importance as to why so many advanced users will advise the same. You cannot simply put any build (knowledge of ohm’s law) in any atty (requirement of protruding 510 pin – sub ohm tanks not advised to be used with mech mods) using any battery (knowledge of battery safety and limitations) and then vape on it – the media have shown examples of what can happen and we simply do not want to provide the media more ammunition to place a bad name on vaping. More importantly, we really don’t want you blowing your face and hands off.

Alright, so you know what you’re doing and want to know more?

Now firstly, the Petri Lite V2 is a 22mm diameter mech mod so if you want something to use with atties with a bigger diameter this is most likely not the one – purely because it will look hideous. If you’re into the bling and colours of your mods, the Petri Lite V2 has several to offer. The gold plated accents really set it off giving a nice elegant and sophisticated finish whilst the colour options give you the freedom of matching/contrasting the look when combining with your atty of choice.

Quality & Design

There’s no denying that DotMod really pull it out of the bag when it comes to design and finish, oozing quality. The signature gold accents that they place on their products just set it off nicely and work really well with the colourways that are available. Now I realise that the gold may not suit everyone’s taste, but if it does, boy does it look pretty! The satin like finish is also a beauty to touch. After many months of use, I have yet see any peeling or scratches, though I have yet to drop the mod nor do I intend to do so *touch wood*.

Some may consider the lightweight nature of the mod a con due to it possibly feeling cheap and not worth the money being spent on one. Personally, I like how it offers me a lightweight alternative as it makes it so much better to carry around if using as a daily.

Once an atty is screwed on top, there is no battery rattle and no need to make minor adjustments. My choice of setup is to pair it with none other than the Petri V2 RDA. No gaps, no rattle, just seamless – a match made in heaven. Unscrewing the top cap of the mod or button is buttery smooth – kudos to build quality and machining on this product.

The button is safely recessed into the body of the mod and as such I have never experienced any accidental firing. When placing any mod in a pocket or bag, I would always advise storing it separate to anything else you may be carrying. Mine sits in a pocket all by itself – no change, keys, phone or anything for that matter. I have experienced only one or two occasions where the button has to be pressed centrally in order to fire it, but other than those very rare occasions I have found that it has never missed a beat.


It does what it needs to do. It’s a mechanical mod and so there isn’t any glamorous functions to really discuss here. I’m using Sony VTC5 or VTC6 batteries with the mod and it produces perfectly acceptable ramp up times considering that anodised aluminium is used, and of course this will also depend on your build. I feel that the design brief here was to produce a nice lightweight mod giving us a more “pocket friendly” option in comparison to brass and copper alternatives. At the same time I do not feel that there has been a major sacrifice on performance. The Petri Lite V2 still hits hard and whilst there may be harder hitting mods out there, the trade off you get with this mod is minimal. If you enjoy using mechanical mods as a daily go to, this mod may be the answer as you’ll find that it won’t weigh down your pocket/bag yet will still provide a performance for you to enjoy your vape.

Now since that the package contains two different springs – original “light throw” and silver plated copper “heavy throw”, it’s probably worth mentioning that the main difference here is quite literally the weight of throw (i.e. the button throw). Performance differences are minimal if any, but you can physically feel the difference at which the button is pressed when comparing with each other. It’s definitely good that the option was thrown in here as it gives the user the choice to suit their own preference.


An elegant, sophisticated, pretty looking mod. It’s a mechanical mod and so no functions really to talk about, it’s just press and deliver power to your atty. Are there better performing mechanical mods out there for the money? Yes there are, but the difference in power delivery is minimal. For the average vaper, you probably wouldn’t notice a difference unless put side to side with another mod – I certainly don’t, and the slight inferior performance isn’t like it produces a massive difference on your ramp up time (we’re talking milliseconds). And it’s not like anyone walks around with a device showing the voltage drops etc. of their mod. One of the main factors contributing to your power delivery, other than the materials for conductivity within the mod itself, will be your battery and your build.

A decision is to be made when purchasing one of these beauties. A trade off of a slight performance difference to copper or brass alternatives for the ultra lightweight and short design of the Petri Lite V2.

DotMod Petri Lite V2

DotMod Petri Lite V2





      Button Feel


        Size & Weight




            Ease of Use


              Fit & Finish









                      • Lightweight & Small
                      • Hard hitting for the materials used
                      • Many colourways available
                      • Inclusion of 2 different springs offering different weight of button throw
                      • Buttery smooth threads


                      • Light weight may be considered as cheap feeling
                      • Not the hardest hitting mod available for the price
                      • Rare occasions of button not making contact (a central press of the button normally solves this or a clean of the parts)

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