The Beginner Series – Part 6 – Recommendation?


As I mentioned at the beginning of this series, these posts are designed to give you a summary understanding to the various parts of vaping. I would be lying if tell you the following recommendations are 100% the best devices for you to buy when starting out. However knowing what I know today I would recommend this to begin with. I’ve seen instances where vapers who were interested bought a pen kit because it’s what they saw on some advertisement and within a couple of weeks wasted their money and moved onto regulated mod kits.

A regulated mod kit. Something that has protection built into it whilst you’re learning and getting used to vaping. NOTE: e-cigarettes and vape pens are essentially mechanical mods on a small scale. Kits are good ideas as it saves you from thinking about what atomiser to get too. Below is a range of available kits:

  • Smok Alien Kit – c£60
  • Aspire EVO75 Kit – c£55
  • Kangertech Subox Mini C – c£30

The Smok Alien Kit would be the maximum I recommend when venturing into vaping, anything more when you’re still learning is a waste of money. You may find vaping in general doesn’t suit you, or that you can quit completely without the aid of vaping.

If you are thinking of investing in vaping, especially in kits above, I would go for something that has the ability to venture into rebuilding whilst still being able to purchase pre-made filters.

Final Thoughts

Vaping in itself can be addictive. The lure of new and exciting equipment can lead you down a hobbyist path and as with any hobby, will incur costs. The question then crops up, is vaping cheaper than smoking? We’ll cover that another time.

I cannot stress this enough, vape safely. The internet is filled with reviews, tutorials and guides to help guide you through the world of vaping. Don’t be a news article! We’ll be posting more guides to help navigate through the complexities of vaping as well as reviewing new and existing products.

Vape Safe.


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