Geekvape Avocado 22 Limited Edition – It’s Finally Here! But is it an improvement to the original?

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I’m a massive Avocado fan (the RDTA, not the fruit!). My go to tank has been the original Avocado 22, I do own all the other iterations but, to me, neither held a candle to the original. Now Geekvape have introduced the Geekvape Avocado 22 LIMITED EDITION…. Everyone loves a limited edition right?! I’m not going to lie, when this came through my door I was excited – but only because of the fact I could finally have an Avocado which matched the same colour as my mod. But little did I know that they made more changes to the Avocado 22 than just the colour. Did I like it? Was it any good? Let’s get down to the review….



  • Tank size: 22mm diameter
  • Juice Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Dual Post Deck
  • Top Side Airflow
  • Side filling hole
  • Single and dual coil build options
  • Colours available: Red; Black; Orange

What’s in the box?

  • 1x Geekvape Avocado 22 Limited Edition
  • 1x spare clear Pyrex glass
  • Bag of spares

Who’s it for?

So you’re asking me who this tank is for? That’s easy to answer, it’s for the same people who could use the Geekvape Avocado 22 (review here!). There is no change to this aspect. The Avocado 22 Limited Edition, like the original, is a buildable deck so anyone wanting a tank which uses pre build coils should look away (maybe try the Aspire Cleito tank… it’s soo good!).  If the above scenario does not apply to you than this could be a tank you should consider.

Being an RDTA, it offers both the flavour of an RDA with the less hassle of an RTA (tank) as you do not need to drip every few pulls. Being a genesis style tank there is potential for leakage but to be honest, if it’s wicked right, it can sit on its side or stay in your pocket for a good while before anything decides to come out (just don’t leave it on its side over night!).

Quality & Design

As part of their limited edition bundle they have now released the Geekvape Avocado 22 in three colours, black, red and orange. All look really good and now I can finally have an Avocado 22 which matches my mod (and to which I bought a new mod so I could also have the red Avocado 22 Limited Edition as well!).

Now, as mentioned, I’m a pro when it comes to the Geekvape Avocado. I own ever variant available and I have to say, build wise, this isn’t the best. Whereas all other Avocados I own have fitted perfectly this one seems to be just a little off when placing the top on. This isn’t a big disadvantage as it still looks god but to nit pick you can just notice it is a little off. I have to mention this as the quality of the build is usually something Geekvape excel at hence why this was a little more noticeable.

To give Geekvape massive credit they have finally listened to their customers and have added a side filling hole for juice. Historically this has always been a problem for Geekvape. The original Avocado 22 only allowed you to fill via the holes where the cotton would go, they improved on the Geekvape Avocado 24 by adding a separate fill hole but at the detriment to overall build space. They introduced a.. well I don’t know what to call it.. but something on the Avocado 24 Bottom Airflow which just didn’t work – finally they’ve simply gone with the tried and tested side filling hole. They have also up’d the juice capacity from 3ml to 3.5ml – it may not seem like a large increase but every little helps!

They’ve also improved their drip tip. My previous Avocado tanks each suffered the same fate with the original drip tip that they melted (yes, delrin does melt) when I forgot to turn off my mod and the button fired for the full 10 seconds. This time round Geekvape have made the drip tip flush with the top and left a decent amount of space so that should you do something silly like I did (this happened to me yesterday!) the drip tip comes out unscathed! They also added O rings to the drip tip which keeps it firmly in place (the Avocado 24 bottom airflow was just delin and once melted didn’t fit in!). My only issue with the new Geekvape Avocado 22 drip tip is that you cannot change it to a wide bore drip tip – not an issue for some but others might find it a little restrictive.

The build deck on the original Avocado 22 was a good size for a 22mm deck but Geekvape have also improved in this area by making the deck holes slightly larger. There is now enough space for larger builds which, even though is still restricted by the overall size, is an improvement and happily welcomed. Other than that the Avocado uses the same side air flows as per the original.

They keep the ceramic block as used in the original and, even though is small adjustment, has made the base almost completely flush making it easier to wick and adds a bit more space. Its something you may overlook initially but on a day to day basis is a vast improvement.


Geekvape went all out to tweek the original and release the Avocado 22 Limited Edition but was it worth it? Does it perform? Anyone who reads my reviews will know I’m a fan of the original, did this do it for me?… HELL YES!! I built the exact same build on the Limited Edition as I do the original and side by side the Avocado 22 Limited Edition stood out. Flavour is improved, handling is improved, and looks – well it matches my mod so I’m happy.

The slight adjustment of the velocity style deck is a win. The larger holes make building a breeze and the clean space is a massive plus. Experienced builder or novice, you’ll have difficultly not getting a build on this thing. There is nothing else I can say about it for performance other than it delivers, and it delivers well. If you’re looking for clouds you’ll get a good amount but its wont shoot the lights out, as per the original, the focus is on flavour here.

Final thoughts

All the niggles of the original has gone. There are one or two new niggles, but for flavour, Geekvape have outdone their best (in my opinion) RDTA and this now sits top of the pile. The side juice fill hole is a great improvement for ease of use, although I still find myself filling from the cotton hole out of habit (which is even easier now as the base is more flush). The second niggle is due to the side air flow. Because juice will sit on the hole, when you open the top and close again you will get a line of juice around the outside. Nothing leaks any further but that might irriate some (it irritates me… juice is getting expensive now and I’m wasting a pull each time I open it!)

I’ve been using the Avocado Limited Edition since its release date (It must be over a month now) and I can’t fault it in any meaningful way. If you’ve been using the Avocado 22 then now’s the time to switch. If you’re looking for an RDTA, buy it. If you’re looking for flavour , buy it. If you’re looking for good value, buy it. You know what – just buy it!

As a quick side note, I built this using the same style as the original Avocado 22 and I would recommend doing the same build. The original for me was a labor of love in getting the right build for that perfect vape and I’m sure this is no different, but once you have it you’ll love it. Check out my best build here

Geekvape Avocado 22 Limited Edition

Geekvape Avocado 22 Limited Edition

Flavour Production


    Vapour Production




        Ease of Build


          Ease of Use


            Fit & Finish




                Juice Capacity







                      • Flavour, flavour, flavour
                      • Vlue for money
                      • Ease of use
                      • Side juice filling
                      • Comes in different colours
                      • Will look good on any mod


                      • Needs the right build
                      • No wide bore drip tip
                      • Excess juice when closing top

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